Inflame Appliances Ltd. is making a name for itself in the Indian kitchen appliance market. This ISO 9001:2015 certified company is a leading manufacturer of:

  • Electrical Chimneys/Range Hoods: They offer a variety of styles, including island chimneys, curved glass chimneys, designer chimneys, and inclined chimneys, ensuring a perfect fit for any kitchen.
  • Built-in Gas Hobs: These hobs provide a modern and efficient cooking experience.
  • LPG Gas Stoves/Cooktops (Metal & Glass Cooktops): Inflame offers a range of cooktops to suit different needs and budgets.

What truly sets Inflame apart is their commitment to:

  • Advanced Technology: Inflame utilizes cutting-edge technology in their manufacturing facilities. This includes:
    • Metal pressing units with mechanical and hydraulic presses
    • A tool room
    • Glass tempering and processing machines
    • State-of-the-art CNC laser cutting and bending machines (from Germany)
    • CNC turret punch machines
    • Assembly lines
    • A powder coating and vitreous enamelling plant
  • Quality and Efficiency: This focus on technology allows Inflame to produce high-quality, energy-efficient appliances with a low defect rate. Their current manufacturing capacity boasts over 50,000 electrical chimneys/range hoods every month, and they have ambitious plans to expand further.
  • Supporting Indian Manufacturing: Inflame is proud to be a domestic manufacturer, supplying its products to both the Indian and overseas markets. They are also a supplier to other major appliance brands, helping to reduce reliance on overseas imports and improve overall quality.

Inflame’s Vision:

Already a pioneer in range hoods and gas stoves manufacturing, Inflame’s vision is to be a market leader in various other appliances’ segments by 2029. They are well on their way, with plans to establish additional plants and increase their production capacity to cater to Indian as well as overseas markets. Their dedication to innovation, quality, and domestic manufacturing positions them for continued success in the ever-growing Indian kitchen appliance market.